Golf Club Holders Eliminate Club Tossing


Golfers spend too much money invested in their clubs to be tossing them all around the course!


How many times do you find yourself...

in a hurry or just plain lazy so you toss your clubs to the ground? You know deep down that this just isn't right.

I'm not talking about getting mad over a shot and then doing the "ole heave hoe"! If that's you - then you need to get a good sports phycologist! (read our funny article about golfer stress). We're talking about those times where you're in the sand and for the sake of time you toss it out. Or those times when you hit a chip, start walk onto the green, then toss the extra clubs off to the edge. What about the times when you have multiple clubs in your hand - you select the one you want and then drop or toss the rest to the ground? Change your mind? Pic them up and then drop or toss them back down again.

Tossing clubs... we've all caught ourselves doing it. It's human nature to take short cuts. There's only one kind of golfer that doesn't do it.. it's the professional. Why? Because they play golf wtith a caddie. After they take their shot they hand the club over to a caddie. A caddie's job job is to manager a golfer's clubs.


The damage...

Sure the club heads are made of steel and the shafts are made of strong graphite and steel, and 99.9% of the time nothing noticeable will ever happend to these parts. But, after constant tossing of clubs over time shafts and joints begin to weaken and have been known to sometimes bend or even break. There are reported stories of golfers tossing their clubs, and hitting the ground just right the head pops off the club of or the shaft bends.

Grips now a days are expensive. What about all the mud, dirt, sand, grass and moisture you put on them everytime they hit the gournd? Wet grips effect the life, wear and feel of the grip and over time they will break down faster than grips that stay dry.

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An EZ CADDIE protects your club investment!

Now, there is a new golf accessory that that will protect your golf club investment and eliminate the tossing of clubs forever. It’s called an EZ CADDIE golf club holder.   The idea is simple… it’s a gp;f club caddie to help you when you are on the fairway or around the green. It keeps the clubs grips clean and dry and elevated above the ground. The EZ CADDIE is there right by your side, you simply lean your club against it.

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The EZ CADDIE will protect your investment in the following ways...

        • Eliminate tossing of clubs
        • Never lose a club ever again
        • Never leave a club behind again
        • Keeps your clubs off the ground
        • Keeps your grips clean and dry  

The EZ CADDIE can help help eliminate tossing clubs, but, this is only one of several benefits a golfer will experience from having an EZ CADDIE golf club holder in their game.

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The only caddie you'll ever need!

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