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Golf Club holders Help Reduce Golf Stress


Most golfers play golf to relieve stress... some go to the course and find it!


A Little High, A Little Low...

This game sure can have it’s moments of stress! Ups and downs. The ups keep us coming back, and the lows make us want to quit. Golf stress can be experienced by virtually anyone playing the game at any time.

The game is called a game of inches, just a few inches could mean the difference between a great shot and a penalty. But what that really means is that the inches in golf are those few inches between the ears! Golf is a game of the mind. Just think about it… you need decision making wisdom, confidence, strategy and the ability to deal with and think through pressure.

Golf is also a game with great emotional highs and lows! You really tag a long approach shot on a par 5 reaching it in two, or you chip a shot in the hole from off the fringe for a birdie! Wow! But, then your next tee shot slices over the trees and into a near by sub-division! Did you know that some pros wear a heart rate monitor and study the results to determine their stress levels under certain situations?

 Your Emotions and Stress…

are influenced by so many factors during a round of golf. It's a mind game and very rarely does everything go right all on the same day (putting, chipping, irons, driving). Add to that all the things that can go wrong in between shots. You sink into some soft wet grass and your socks get wet, or some thorns snag your new Cutter n’ Buck shirt…


What Causes Golf Stress?


Just think of all the things that can go wrong during a round… errant shots, penalties, mis-hits (fat, thin, or off the hozzle). Bad shots, and that blasted "tree monkey" tosses your ball into the woods instead of out onto the fairway! missed putts, lost balls, nagging rangers, 3 PUTTS!, lost clubs, the weather (heat, rain, frost), wet grips and gloves, slow players, other players bad attitudes and poor etiquette, aerated greens, feeling rushed, playing with a 110+ golfer in general, you’re hot, tired, thirsty & hungry, bad lies, there’s no ball washer on the tee box to clean your dirty ball, making the wrong club choice, high performance expectations, not playing to your average, shots into the sand... the woods or water… skulled or duffed shots…. Gee, I’m stressed already! Just take a deep breath…. Now exhale… again... a


Every golfer knows this one simple fact…

You will always play your best golf when you’re relaxed. You’re confidence level is soaring and an errant shot is just "water under the bridge". Why? because you’re relaxed and having a great day out there! It’s the little things that can bring on the stress and it’s also the little things that can keep it away. One of those little things is playing golf with a golf club holder.... You're kidding, right? How in the world will a golf club holder lower my stress level during a round of golf?


Until you play with one…

it’s going to be hard to imagine how a golf club holder can help reduce your stress. But, once you use one during a round, then you’ll know and experience the benefits for yourself. It’s mainly wrapped around a simple function - club management.

A golf club holder is a simple golf accessory that you use anytime you need more than one club in your hand. It sticks into the ground and you lean your clubs against it while you take your shot. You virtually eliminate all bending down to pick up clubs, saving your back. You have what you need when you need it. Your clubs are sitting there next to you as if you had your own personal golf attendant. When you're around the green… there’s no more tossing clubs, no more leaving them behind, no more lost clubs, no more picking up clubs, and no more wet grips!

Club holders give you the feeling that a caddie is playing the game with you managing your clubs. You focus more on your game and let the club holder take care of your clubs. Imaging getting all these benefits added to your game from just one simple golf accessory! And, you don’t even have to give a tip!


Play more relaxed...

enjoy the game more, hit better shots and lower your score! Why? Because you're more relaxed! Put a golf club holder in your game today. The EZ CADDIE is the number one golf club holder on market. The EZ CADDIE comes in 3 rich looking, high gloss, durable metallic powder coat colors. They come with a UV protected wrap style grip, making it comfortable in your hand and nice to look at.

It’s all about playing smarter and doing the things you can to lower your stress. You’ll enjoy the game more. By the way… Please don’t throw it! The steel It will bend if it hits a tree!



Playing the game with less stress is only one of several benefits a golfer will experience from using an EZ CADDIE golf club holder.

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