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Finally, a golf product that stands out in the golf accessory jungle! The EZ CADDIE is practical, classy looking, and a necessity for every golfer!


Are you looking for a great golf accessory that is practical, sells well and is something your customers will need, value and want? Then it’s the EZ CADDIE! From the steel to the finish to the grip to the sticker – the EZ CADDIE is a product you can be proud to display in your store.

Reasons why you need to put the EZ CADDIE in your store.

  • Rapid product sales
  • Unique and new idea
  • Practical golf accessory
  • High Quality product
  • Keystone profit margin
  • Volume incentives
  • Easily seen value and need
  • Fast order processing and shipments
  • Strong Customer Service
  • 100% complete customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Several in-store product display options available (see below)
  • Makes the perfect golf gift
  • MSRP is $24.95 ( some stores successfully sell them at $29.95 )
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The EZ CADDIE brings you repeat business...

The average golfer will use the EZ CADDIE about 20 times per round of golf! Each time it is used he will associate the EZ CADDIE with the store where it was bought. When he uses it and appreciate it’s value, he will have positive thoughts associated with your store! This is real power because the EZ CADDIE will keep your store in his mind for years, which will bring him back to you as repeat customer!

When your customers start using the EZ CADDIE, two questions will always come up...

  1. What is that thing? Your customer then sell them on the value
  2. Where’d ya get it? Now your customers are referring others to your store.

When a customer buys a product that he values, appreciates, and feels good about, it means you have a satisfied customer! Satisfied customers come back to you and give you repeat business. It’s all about customer service and the EZ CADDIES sole purpose in life, to serve the customer!

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Why will your customers buy an EZ CADDIE?

There are literally dozens of reasons! (Click here to learn about them). You should become more familiar with them to help you sell and promote this product within your store.

Try this simple approach…

Have you seen the EZ CADDIE Yet?
It’s brand new this year, it’s a golf club holder you use around the green or anywhere you need multiple clubs. You stick it in the ground and lean your clubs against it. It keeps your grips dry, saves your back , no more tossing clubs or bending to pick them up. and it helps you play rounds faster. But one of the biggest benefits is that it’s like golf club insurance – you’ll never leave one behind or ever lose a club ever again. It’s like playing the game with your own personal caddie!

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Our Guarantee is Golden! Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

We are so sure that you and your customers will love the EZ CADDIE golf club holder, we’ve backed it with a complete 60 day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the EZ CADDIE for any reason, or within 60 days you decide not to carry the EZ CADDIE in your store, simply return any unsold items for a full refund.

In Store Product Displays
We have three options available for displaying the EZ CADDIE.

Sunshine Gold

Slat Wall Display
A popular way to display the EZ CADDIE is our slat wall rack. It’s a strong, sturdy custom steel display that can hold 10 EZ CADDIES. It comes in a black finish, with a soft rubber sleeve. The EZ CADDIES cascade nicely down. Put your store sign above it and The EZ CADDIES are ready to move! It has easy customer access and takes up virtually no space.

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Floor Display prototype

Floor Display
Our on floor display model has a small foot print and also holds 10 EZ CADDIES. It’s light and portable and gets the EZ CADDIES in front of your customer where they’ll see them. There is a sample area in front with a green type grass where you can display an EZ CADDIE "in action" with a club leaning against it and a ball on the grass. Your customers will see it and "get it" right away. For an even greater impact put your lost club bin right next to it. Available in 2 stain colors.

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Tanzanite Blue

Peg Arm Display
We have designed a simple plastic hanger that slips on the grip. It supports the EZ CADDIE in a vertical position, and is limited only by the length of your support bar. A retail sign is available and can be attached to the wall behind the EZ CADDIES showing a picture of it in use with pricing.

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Thank your for your interest in the EZ CADDIE. You can contact us by phone or email.


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