Golf Club Holders Improve Speed of Play


The slow play of just one foursome can dictate the pace of play for the entire day!


Did you know that slow play...

of just one foursome can dictate the schedule and pace for every group the rest of the day?    We’ve all played behind a slow group and we know how frustrating that can be.   It affects your flow, rhythm and mood. On a busy day, it can even impact the rounds of every golfer the rest of that day!   Time management to courses is critical to future business and it means real dollars. That's one reason courses hire those nagging rangers to keep pushing the slow groups along.


Laugh or cry?... But, it's NOT funny!

Of course there are dozens of reasons why rounds can take so long.  We’ve all seen that “military golfer” left, right, left, right…  especially up and over and around the green!  And how about all those off the fairway “hunters” that know NOTHING of the 5 minute rule!  What about that 10 practice swing guy? And don’t forget about those “golden ball retrievers” that leave the course with more balls than they came with!  Just watching them pull out it out of their bag can make your blood pressure rise!

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A round with a club holder has proven to speed up play...

Now, there is a new golf accessory that helps improve the speed of play.   It’s called an EZ CADDIE golf club holder.  The idea is simple… it’s a club caddie to help you when you are on the fairway or around the green. It keeps the clubs grips clean and dry and elevated above the ground. Playing a round of golf with an EZ CADDIE has been proven to speed up play.


How can a golf club holder help me play faster?

Well, the most obvious way is that you never have to go back and find a club left behind ever again!   We’ve all played a round with someone who has had to do that.  (None of us will admit that “we’ve” been guilty of it!)   They’re frustrated, worried, and stressed, plus your whole group has to wait for them to “go back”, hunt for their club and then “get back” to the game.   Sometimes it takes several holes to discover the missing club.  And, on a busy day that affects everyone on the course behind you.   You interrupt and delay everyone’s game, and they all get to watch you rush back (under stress) to miss hit you’re next shot!    With a club holder, it puts the clubs easily in view so that it is virtually impossible to miss them on your way to your next hole.


Ever heard of green management?

Another big way an EZ CADDIE improves the speed of play is in green and club management.   You can always have the clubs with you that you need, never needing to go back to the cart to get the right club.   Also, you can more easily walk up to the green from your approach shot carrying all the clubs you’ll need. (Hey, if your buddy’s on in regulation, let him take the cart up!)  Your clubs are there, attended by the club holder, you hit your shot, and without bending over you move on to the putt.   Now the payoff comes after you leave the green.   You’re walking past your clubs, and "in stride" pull the club holder out of the ground while grabbing your clubs. You never miss a step!  No more bending or tossing clubs to the ground! Also, by putting an EZ CADDIE club holder in your game, you never get back to the cart and get that sinking feeling… “Oh yeah, I left my wedge on the other side of the green by the trap ”.    All of these things help improve a golfer's speed of play.


    Consider these other time saving benefits:

      • Never leave a club behind again.
      • Always have the clubs with you that you need.  (Especially on cart path only holes).
      • Never forget a club around the green
      • Exit the greens faster and get back to the cart quicker (no more bending over or even stopping)
      • The easiest way to keep your grips dry during morning rounds. (Think of the towels, tees, divot repair tools, and all the bending)
      • Reduce stress and Improve round relaxation


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The EZ CADDIE can help golfers play their rounds faster, but, this is only one of several benefits a golfer will experience from having an EZ CADDIE golf club holder in their game.

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