Golf Club Holders Reduce Lower Back Strain


Did you know that the average golfer bends over nearly 100 times a round!


Any golfer knows...

that the game of golf can certainly take its toll on a golfer's back.   With all the twisting of the spine and back muscles during the swing,  as well as the constant bending over, it's no wonder the average golfer gets fatigued, tired and sore after a round of golf.   Did you know the average golfer bends over on average over 100 times a round?  Placing tees, picking up balls, tees and clubs, repairing ball marks, etc... Most of these bends are not squats using the legs but bends at the waist using the back.


How can I minimize lower back strain?

The last thing anyone with back problems needs to be doing during his/her round is bending over to pick up errant clubs on every hole. There are several things a golfer can do during a round to minimize the impact the game can have on his/her back.

First, do pre-round stretching. A golfer should always loosen and stretch his/her back muscles out before their first swing.  

Second, do some mid-round stretching. This helps keep them from tightening up between shots.  

Third, address the ball and swing the club using the correct stance.  The back should be straight with arms hanging down.  

Fourth, put an EZ CADDIE golf club holder to your game. 


How can a golf club holder help?

An EZ CADDIE club holder can reduce the number of times a golfer is bending over during a round of golf by as much as 40%!  This is a practical golf product that will help any golfer reduce bending over during the round. The golf club holder is a simple idea… it’s a prop for when you are on the fairway or around the green that keeps the clubs grips clean and dry and elevated above the ground.   It’s not about being lazy at all – it’s all about playing smarter!   You need your back muscles to execute all the proper positions and phases of a golf swing.   And a tired, sore back will affect your swing and change its path.  The bottom line goal is to maintain good physical health so you can enjoy long years of golfing.

How can a golf club holder help?                                 

The golf club holder adds several benefits to your game.   It’s like playing the game with a personal caddie!  If you're on the fairway or around the green, your clubs are there at your service.   Have you ever changed your mind about your club selection?   How about reaching over and picking the right club for the shot?  Your club holder is there right by your side assisting you during your round.    Play your rounds of golf with more enjoyment, with less effort, and more relaxation.   Stop tossing your clubs around and then bending over to pick them up.  Imagine sinking a putt, walking off the green and in stride taking your clubs with you back to the cart.


Here's a little bonus tip to help reduce your bending even further...

While you're on the green, putt first and sink the putt.  Get out of the way, and leave the ball in the hole and wait for your buddies to putt out.  Nine out of  ten times your "nice guy" golf buddy will pick up your ball and toss it to you.   Don't forget to say thanks! (Don't do this every hole - they'll get wise to ya!)

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The EZ CADDIE helps save your back by reducing how much you have to bend over. But, this is only one of several benefits a golfer will experience by having an EZ CADDIE golf club holder in their game.

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