Golf Club Holders Prevent Leaving Clubs Behind


NOTHING can be more irritating than discovering you've left a club behind on a hole previously played!


Has this ever happened to you?

You're having a great round of golf; really feeling good about the round, only to have it interrupted because either you or someone you are playing with left a club back on one of the holes you just played. Arrrgh! What a frustrating event for everyone! If you've ever played the game, then you're probably guilty of laying a club down and walking away from it. It happens every day.

How does it happen?

Maybe you just had an unbelievably great shot and in the excitement you forgot the club. Maybe you missed an easy birdie or made one you shouldn't have. We leave clubs for really only one reason - our emotions.. excited or frustrated. Frankly, our emotions can get the best of us all at times (see the article on stress). The last thing we're thinking about is our clubs. This game has highs and lows that can alter rational thought. The other reason we leave clubs behind is simply... Duh... your heads not in the game.

The real problem is...

that It's really a frustrating event to everyone when this happens. You slow down the rhythm of your foursome as they wait for you to go back, hunt down the club and return. Sometimes you have to back track several holes, asking each group behind you if they've seen your club (admitting to everyone your mental lapse). Their game gets interrupted and put on hold as well while they wait for you to return back to your spot. What does your cart buddy do during this time?... You hopefully find your club, rush back apologetic and flustered. The round is shot!

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 The discovery...

The impact of knowing you're missing a club is very upsetting. But, when do you discover it missing? If you're lucky it's during the same round when you go to use that same club again. How far back was it? Do you go back to get it, or get to the club house and hope someone found it and turns it in? Sometimes, the bag goes in the trunk, then to the garage, until the next round when you go to reach for that club… Arrrgh! What course did I play? How long ago? Now, you'll have to contact the course and 9 out of 10 times the club is not there. If you get lucky, it is. Then you'll have to arrange to go back to get it. Why go to all that trouble? Simply because it matches your set and you don’t want to have to replace it or have an incomplete set. It's like a red stain on a white shirt. Sure 99% of the shirt is white, but all you can think about is the stain. Replacing one specific club in a set can expensive and sometimes next to impossible.


There's a Better way!

The golf club holder virtually eliminates the potential of ever leaving a club out on the course. The idea is simple… it's a free standing caddie to help you when you are on the fairway or around the green, it keeps the clubs grips clean and dry and elevated above the ground, easy to see. Instead of tossing clubs or laying them down on the ground they are easily visible even from a long distance. It is virtually impossible to walk off the green and leave your clubs behind!


Consider it like golf club insurance...

Golfers have a lot of money invested in their clubs. An EZ CADDIE can bring peace of mind just like a little golf club insurance policy. Now there’s no way you can leave one behind!

Whether you’re an avid golfer or someone who gets in only a few rounds a year, your game will not be complete without your own EZ CADDIE golf club holder.


Leaving a club behind is only one of several benefits a golfer will experience from

using an EZ CADDIE golf club holder.

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