Golf Club Holders Make A Great Gift Idea


The really great gifts are the ones that make you think of the person that gave it to you every time you use it!


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If you’ve been wondering what to give the golfer in your life but you're tired of all the accessory junk and unused golf gifts, then give them an EZ CADDIE golf club holder.    The EZ CADDIE is a brand new product that every golfer would love to have in his/her bag and game!  After researching other golf accessory products on the market, we believe that the EZ CADDIE clearly stands out as a great gift item.  

"After playing several rounds with one, we quickly realized just how practical this product really is.   It has become as much a natural part of our game as our putter and wedge!"


What is a golf club holder?

The idea is really very simple… it’s a lightweight prop that you lean clubs against when you are on the fairway or around the green.  It keeps the clubs grips clean and dry and elevated above the ground.    It easily fits inside your golf bag and is carried back and forth from the cart along with several golf clubs.  It can be used anywhere you play or practice golf, on the course, at the range, or at home. 


What makes the "perfect gift" ?

Ever thought about it?    Here’s some of the criteria we considered during our golf  gift accessory hunt.    It needed to be something unique, but useful and practical.  It’s purpose had to be clear and it met specific needs  (in other words, it will be used!).  It had to be something that will actually make a golfer’s life easier and his golf experience more enjoyable.   The really great gifts are the ones that make you think of the person that gave it to you when you use it!   A good gift does not have to cost a lot of money to be appreciated.  Out of the thousands of golf accessories manufactured today and out of the over 350 new ones that came out at this years PGA merchandise show in Orlando, we believe the EZ CADDIE stands out for all of the above reasons.    Below is a list of reasons why we believe this item makes a great golf gift idea.


Reasons the EZ CADDIE makes a great golf gift...


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If you’re looking for a great golf gift to give this year, then look no further than the EZ CADDIE.  It's a golf gift that stands out from other golf products and it will be appreciated for years. Great golf gifts, golf gift, mens golf gifts, womens golf gifts, ladies golf gifts, unique golf gifts, discount golf gifts, perfect golf gift, Christmas golf gift, holiday gift ideas, golfing gifts  

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The EZ CADDIE makes a great golf gift idea, but this is only one of several benefits a golfer will realize from having an EZ CADDIE in their game.

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