Golf Club Holders Fit Nicely in your Game!


EZ Sports Inc. is dedicated to bringing you sports enhancing products designed to make your game easier and more enjoyable!

The EZ CADDIE is the perfect golf accessory!


The EZ CADDIE easily fits into your bag, hand and game!

The EZ CADDIE is engineered and designed to fit nicely in your bag! It stays out of your way, yet is easy to grab when you need it. Just store the EZ CADDIE right next to your putter and wedge. Take them out of the bag together.

The EZ CADDIE is engineered and designed in just the right and way to fit comfortably in your hand! The comfortable wrap style grip is easy to hold in your hand along with your clubs. Our grips are made out of Duralast 501 rubber. They are water resistant, UV protected and guaranteed to NEVER get hard, slick, dry rot or crack! We put a grip on the EZ CADDIE that can take the beating of the sun and weather so you can use it for years to come!

The EZ CADDIE is engineered to improve your golf game experience! Most golfers would agree that after playing a few rounds of golf with an EZ CADDIE, they couldn't imagine playing without one. It brings so much more to your game than just managing your clubs. Golfers play faster and more relaxed and with less back strain. The EZ CADDIE protects your grips, and prevent club loss. Finally a golf accessory that you can use and appreciate!


How to use the EZ CADDIE

Simply remove the EZ CADDIE from your bag along with your wedge and putter and carry them to the shot. With your arm extended straight along your side, hold the EZ CADDIE in your palm (see photo). Lean slightly onto the 90 degree bend of the EZ CADDIE and insert the pointed tip into the ground. Now, lean your clubs against the EZ CADDIE. Hit your shot and pull out the EZ CADDIE. It's really that easy!

Use the EZ CADDIE anywhere you play or practice golf, on the course, at the range, or at home.  Use it anytime you need more than one club.



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The EZ CADDIE fits nicely in your game. But, this is only one of several benefits a golfer will experience from having an EZ CADDIE golf club holder in their game.

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It’s the only caddie you'll ever need! 

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