When and Where to use the EZ CADDIE!
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Kingwood Georgia
The EZ CADDIE is like having a personal attendant by your side.
Chip or putt it? Have what you need when you need it.

Never, ever leave a club around the green again!
No more bending - walk off the green taking your clubs with you in stride.

In the sand
Use it anytime you need more than one club!
Play the game smarter and EZ-ier!.

Not sure what you need?
Some elevated tee boxes are away from the cart path.
Sometimes it's hard to know for sure what club you'll need until you get on the tee - take what you think you'll need!

On the Range
Use the EZ CADDIE on the range.
Stop tossing the idle clubs on the ground.


Around the Green
Chip shots around the green
Lean all the clubs you'll need on your EZ CADDIE.

In the sand again?
In or around a green side bunker always requires extra clubs...
This is a prime area to leave a club behind and lose it.


The President at Doral
Not sure if it's a 6 iron or 7 iron to the green? take them both!
Fairway shots on cart path only holes can be hard to estimate the distance from the cart path... take what you think .


PW or 56?
Play more relaxed with an EZ CADDIE...
knowing if you need a different club, it's right there when you need it!



The EZ CADDIE is so versatile it can be literally used anywhere you play golf! Whatever situation you're in where you need more than one club - then use the EZ CADDIE. Green side, around a bunker, on the tee, the fairway, the range or the yard - keep your clubs right where they need to be... next to your side!

Be one of the hundreds who already to own an EZ CADDIE. This golf accessory makes a great gift.


It's the only caddie you'll ever need!

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