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Great Golf Accessory!
A natural fit in your game
Easily fits into your hand, bag and game!

Get one for them too!
Ideal for your wedge and putter!
Use one and watch how many of your buddies start to lean their clubs on your EZCADDIE!

can you find it?
Where's the EZCADDIE?
Easily fits in any golf bag!

Large level resting area
Is the ground too hard?
Try using the EZ CADDIE this way!


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3 Great metallic colors!
Tanzanite Blue, Sunshine Gold,Sparkling Red

Classic gold and Black!
Classy foil sticker
The foil sticker matches all 3 colors nicely!

Strong & Sturdy
Lean as many clubs as you need against your EZ CADDIE
Have what you need when you need it!

Glove, towel & clubs
Use your EZ CADDDIE to rest your towel or glove
Keeps everything clean and dry and OFF the ground!


holds a dog leash!
Not even we thought of this!
Send us your ideas and photos

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Consider the EZ CADDIE as "golf club insurance". You'll spend hundreds of dollars on a good set of clubs. Have you ever considered the cost to replace a lost club? What about all the club tossing, morning dew, grass and sand on the grips?

Protect your investment and buy an EZ CADDIE today!

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The only caddie you'll ever need!

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