Engineered and designed with the highest quality standards!


100% of the EZ CADDIE is made in America!


From the steel, to the paint, to the grip, to the sticker, you'll be proud to have an EZ CADDIE in your golf game!

enjoy a complete 100% customer satifaction guarantee! We at EZ Sports, Inc, believe our product is a durable, high quality golf accessory that is made to last for years. We stand behind our products with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We're sure that after you play a couple of rounds of golf with an EZ CADDIE, you'll view it as an important part of your golf game. It's designed and made to be... "The only caddie you'll ever need!"


is a solid 3/8" cold rolled steel. It's almost as strong as the finish! The EZ CADDIE is light weight, weighing in at less than 18 ounces! It's sturdy and strong enough to hold as many clubs as you need. It's guaranteed not to bend when used under normal conditions.


The EZ CADDIE is powder coated not just once but TWICE!! Powder coating produces one of the toughest, most durable finishes available! The first coat is electro statically applied and baked on at over 300 degrees, then a second clear coat is applied and baked on at temperatures over 400 degrees! The result is a deep, rich, durable finish!

Each EZ CADDIE goes through a 10 step process, from sand blasting the raw metal all the way thru to the cool down stage. The result is a high quality, beautiful, long lasting finish. It's an expensive and time consuming process, but we think you'll agree that it's worth it!

Why did we choose metallic powders which are 10 times more expensive than a solid color powder?

Simply because we have high standards and we know our customers do as well. Everything about the EZ CADDIE is about quality and craftsmanship! We wanted the strongest best looking finish available. The EZ CADDIE currently comes in 4 high gloss metallic colors... and now we offer the same quality in 4 New Solid high gloss colors!

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There's more to this grip than just the rubber! Our grips are made out of Duralast 501 rubber! They are water resistant, UV protected and guaranteed to NEVER get hard, slick, dry rot or crack! We put a grip on the EZ CADDIE that can take the beating of the sun and weather so you can use it for years to come! Our grips are the ONLY ones made in America!



As you would expect it's not just a cheap paper sticker! This is a gold foil high adhesive sticker that give the EZ CADDIE that finishing touch! It has our web site on it so when all your buddies start leaning their clubs on your EZ CADDIE you can tell them where to get their own!


After researching, creating and experimenting with literally dozens of prototypes, we've come up with the perfect design! It easily and conveniently fits in your bag right next to your putter and wedge. The design gives you easy open access to as many clubs as you need. It's also designed to fit nicely and comfortably in your hand.

The EZ CADDIE has a safe, pointed, rounded tip for easy entry into the ground.

Plus, you get an added bonus in the design... if you're playing a round of golf with wet grass and the ground is too dry and hard - just lay the EZ CADDIE down and you have a flat, stable area to rest your grips against.


There's Nothing Par About It!

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