Golf Club Holders Help Keep Grips Dry


How do golfers keep their grips dry when the ground is wet from dew, rain or sprinklers?


Imagine this...

you're out for an early morning round of golf...   Ahhh,  the smell of fresh morning air and the recently cut grass, a slight morning chill, and all that morning dew  If you’ve ever played an early morning round then you know how important it is to keep your grips dry.   What can be more frustrating than having your grip slip during the swing?   During the setup your confidence is low because you don’t have a comfortable feel of the club.   


Wet grips...

can take a long time to dry.  Almost all the rubber and grip components used in today’s modern grips are porous which adds to better feel and control during the swing. But, when grips get wet, they can take a long time to dry. The most popular grip style used today is the velvet grip.   When you get this grip wet you may not be using it the rest of the round.   Think about how that affects your confidence… you're  standing over a ball knowing the right club is in your bag with a wet grip!     


For years...

golfers have been trying to keep their club grips dry and off the ground.   Early morning golfers try to keep their grips dry by either propping the grip on a tee, using a ball mark repair tool, or by putting the club handles on a towel.  But now there’s a easier, better way to do this – it’s a golf club holder called EZ CADDIE!.


There are some inherent problems...

with all these other methods.   With the tee for instance, you have to take the time to bend down, insert the tee, (get your hands wet) and gently balance the grip on it.  Often times the club falls off, or you bump it and the grip gets wet anyway!   Now that’s irritating to go to all that trouble and still end up with a wet grip!   How about using a ball mark repair tool with that handy little notch – great idea if you have a pocket full of them and you don’t need it on the green!   Some people use a towel, but what happens when the towel gets wet?  You pick up a wet towel, and everything gets wet, your hands, your grips, your gloves…    and with all these methods you’re still BENDING over!


There's an easier, better way!

A golf club holder is the best way to go.  It’s an easy way to keep your grips clean and dry and off the ground.  The idea is simple… a prop for when you are on the fairway or around the green that keeps the clubs grips elevated above the ground.  Playing with one is like having your own personal caddie.  Whether you are an avid golfer or someone who gets in only a few rounds a year, your game will not be complete without this practical golf accessory.    



Wet grips  = Wet gloves = Wet hands = no feel = swing slips =

missed shots = frustration = thrown club = wetter grips!


Helping keep your grips dry is only one of several benefits a golfer will experience from using an EZ CADDIE golf club holder.

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