Golf Club Holders prevent club loss


Everyday on every course someone loses a club! The total is over 5 million clubs lost annually!


Imagine spending nearly a thousand dollars...

on a brand new set of clubs, and adding to that a couple of expensive wedges. You’ve taken the plunge and invested in your game by putting the best tools to your disposal. Now imagine during a golf round you go to reach for a club… and, it’s not there!

According to a survey conducted in 2004, there is an estimated 5 million golf clubs lost annually. That’s an average of one club per day per course. Some courses reported as many as 3-5 clubs turned in a day. The amazing thing is, those are typically only the junk or “knock off” clubs get turned in and not the pro-line quality clubs. “We get calls every week from someone who left a club out on our course, but no one ever turned it in”. The good clubs rarely seem to find their way back to the club house. Leave a good club or wedge out on the course and you just gave a gift to the golfer that finds it!


 The discovery...

The impact of knowing you're missing a club is very upsetting. But, when do you discover it missing? Normally the bag goes in the trunk, then to the garage, until your next round when you go to reach for it… Arrrgh! What course did I play? How long ago? Now, you'll have to contact the course and 9 out of 10 times the club is not there. If you get lucky, it is, and now you’ll have to arrange to go back to get it. Why go to all that trouble? Because it matches your set and you don’t want to have to replace it or have an incomplete set when you trade them in. It's like a red stain on a white shirt, sure 99% of the shirt is white, but all you can think about is the stain. Replacing one specific club in a set can be expensive and sometimes next to impossible.


The "lost club" barrel...

Every course has one, its the lonely place where the lost clubs go when they are found and get turned in. Its located either in the pro-shop or cart barn. “I don’t understand how some one can leave a club out on our course and not call back to claim it”, says Michael Willis from Wolf Creek in Atlanta. "We get so many clubs turned in, that at the end of each year, we donate them to an inner city children’s golf association" .


There's a better way!

The EZ CADDIE golf club holder virtually eliminates the potential of ever leaving a club out on the course. The idea is simple… it's a free standing golf club holder that helps you when you are on the fairway or around the green and it keeps the grips clean and dry and the clubs elevated above the ground. Instead of having clubs laying down on the ground they are easily visible even from a long distance. It is virtually impossible to walk off the green and leave it behind!


Consider it just like golf club insurance...

People insure just about everything, and golfers have a lot of money invested in their clubs. An EZ CADDIE can buy some peace of mind just like a little golf club insurance policy. Now there’s no way you can leave one behind!

Whether you’re an avid golfer or someone who gets in only a few rounds a year, your bag will not be complete without your own EZ CADDIE golf club holder in your game!



Preventing club loss is only one of several benefits a golfer will experience from

using an EZ CADDIE golf club holder.

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